hdd recovery of virtual machine

HDD Recovery of Virtual Machine

Hyper-V Recovery of Damaged or Formatted Hard Disk

  • Recovers lost videos, documents, images and audio files from damaged VHD.
  • Quick and Advance Scan modes to fixes all VHD file corruption issues quickly.
  • Easy to understand interface, no technical skills required to operate the tool.
  • Simplifies to extract all the inaccessible, damaged or corrupt data from VHD.
  • Raw scanning mode of the tool is able to fix static VHD MBR corruption issues

HDD Recovery of Virtual Machine – Use Recovery Tool of VHD

Like data storage of computer, Virtual machines store its programs, operating system, and multiple documents using various hard disks. It facilitates to undo all the changes you have done earlier. When you are going to use new Virtual machine Wizard then, you will find that a new hard drive for data storage. For addition of more HDD you can optimize the Hyper-V machine settings option. During some changes or undoing the running commands you may get a corruption issue that will force you for HDD recovery of Virtual machine. To do the same Virtual HDD recovery is a relevant tool as it is packed with potential abilities to cut down issues from virtual hard drives.

What Is Virtual Disk?

It is likewise physical data storage system and it keeps single or many file together onto a requested operating system. Without creating more partitions you can configure a Virtual drive with a Virtual machine having a host or remote machine. The size of disks may alter from 128 GB to 256 GB.

Like hard disk of physical data storage area the size of VHD disk gets increased as per users' demand. The crucial benefit with virtualization is smaller size of storage files through which one can easily move data from one place to other. With this approach enhanced performance for data storage can easily acquire by computer professionals and organizations.

Corruption and Virtual PC Hard Disk Recovery

Like physical hard disks, corruption is very common into VHD so, you should have proper plan to recover Hyper-V HDD data. With this image recovery software of our organization you can easily repair entire data that is not availed in accessible mode.

Full Licensed Version

Inaccessibility of data affects businesses and to cut down this issue it is crucial to use an effective hard drive recovery tool to perform Virtual PC HDD restoring task. Virtual machine HDD image recovery tool is packed with all the amenities required to generate appropriate results after VHD recovery operation. Buy it and affordable price.

Tech Brief of the Virtual PC Hard Disk Recovery Tool

HDD Recovery of Virtual Machines Tech Brief

Steps to Know How to Recover hyper-v HDD Data

Open Virtual Machine Files
Scan Each Partition of Hard Drive
Save Details of Hard Drive
Scan and Save Report

Watch Live Video of Hyper-v HDD Data Recovery

Testimonials of the HDD Recovery of Virtual Machine

I was trapped by the error messages generated due to corruption of VHD files. I tried a number of tools to recover the files but was unable to perform the recovery. I came to know about SysTools Hyper-v Recovery. I was pleased to see the result generated by it. I got my VHD files recovered by it. Thanks a lot for developing such a wonderful tool.

- Brandy Thornton, Brazil

Undoubtedly, Hyper-v Recovery is a complete package to recover data from corrupt as well as formatted VHD files. The tool gets installed easily and works efficiently. I would definitely suggest others to try it in order to recover data from VHD files. The interface of the tool is user friendly, thus makes it easy for the users to work with the tool.

- Paul Hill, USA